Lesson 7 Review


Grammar Review

  • Identify whether each classifier below is a naming classifier, a counting classifier, or both.
  • ~nichi/~ka b) ~fun/pun c) ~shuu d) ~kagetsu e) ~nen f) ~ gatsu g) ~sai
  • How do you make the Informal style of adjective sentences? Noun sentences?
  • What are the two ways to count human age?
  • Explain the two systems to name years in the Japan calendar.
  • The verb te form is used in many ways, but what are the two ways that were introduced in this lesson?
  • Explain three ways to ask for water.
  • Explain three ways to ask someone to call you.
  • What is the difference in meaning among the following:

Katte kimasu
Katte ikimasu.

  • Explain the difference of the particle to between the following:

Tokyou to Kyouto ni ikimashita. Tomodachi to Kyouto ni ikimashita.

  • Fill in the blanks below with the most appropriate particle(s). If no particle is possible, enter Z.
  • You’ve heard a supervisor is taking a business trip. Find out where to?

Dochira ?

  • Ask the intern to send the file to Ms. Honda.

Tanaka-kun, Honda-san fairu, okutte.

  • Ask a co-worker in what year she went to France.

Nan-nen Furansu ni ikimahsita ka.

  • Ask a co-worker for how many years she went to France.

Nan-nen furansu ni ikimashita ka.

  • Ask a co-worker is she is going to France next year.

Rainen Furansu ni ikimasu ka.

  • You’ve heard Ms. Honda is getting married. Find out to whom.

Dare ?

Practical Applications


  • Make a timeline for a group project. It should include: What tasks need to be done

When and where they need to be done

Who is assigned to each task, alone or with someone

  • Explain the timeline to your group, assign tasks, and confirm the assignments and timeline with everyone.
  • Pretend that after some delays and other problems, the project is finally completed. Exchange feedback with everyone. Be imaginative!


  • Review the dates of important historical events.
  • In your self-introduction, include important dates from your personal life.

Sample Homework/ Quiz

Listening image

For each exchange, identify the item under discussion and its time-related information.

Item under discussion

Time-related information












Read each context and circle the item that best fits the blank.

  • Context: Ask a coworker to look at this.

Hora! Kore o .1. mimasu 2. mimashou 3. mimasu ka 4. mite kudasai.

  • Context: Confirm that the exam is on the 8th.

Shiken wa desu ne.1. yok-ka2, yoo-ka3, hatsu-ka4. hachi-nich

  • Context: Politely ask how old the professor is.

Shitsurei-desu kedo, deshou ka.1. nan-nen2. Ikura 3. nan-sai 4.dono gurai

  • Context: Find out the arrival date of the package.

tsukimasu ka.1. nan-nichi goro2. nan-nichi gurai

3. yaku nan-nichi4. nan-youbi goro

  • Context: Find out a friend’s birthday.

Tanjoubi wa desu ka.1. nan2.nan-sai3 iku-tsu4. itsu

  • Context: You’ve been asked what you will do for the vacation.

Kyouto de otera mawarimasu.1. o2. de3. ni4. Ga

  • Context: You’ve been asked how long you’ve been in America.

imasu.1. Ichi-gatsu2. Ichi-nen-han 3. Too-ka ni 4. Sengetsu

  • Context: You’ve been asked when the deadline is.

desu.1. Is-shuukan 2. Yaku mik-ka3. Raishuu 4. Senshuu

  • Context: Adsk a friend in what year he was born.

umare?1. Nan-nen2. Nan-gatsu 3. Nan-nichi 4. Nan-kagetsu

  • Context: you’ve been told that the parking fee is 500 yen for one hour.

ni-jikan sen-en desu ne.1. Demo2. Toriaezu3. Are?4 To iu koto wa

  • Context: Tell a co-worker that you’ll go and buy gifts.

Omiyage . 1. katte kimasu 2. kaimasu 3. kaette kimasu 4. kaite ikimasu.

  • Context: A friend is about to make a presentation at a meeting. Wish her good luck.

Purezen, .1. Omedetou!2. Kanpai!3. Ganbatte!4. Saikou!

13: Context: Ask a friend who sent this email.

Kore dare meeru?1. kara2. kara no3. made4. ga

14: Context: Ask a supervisor to send you he file.

Sumimase. Fairu o okutte . 1. onegai-shimasu 2. kudasai 3. iadakemasen ka 4. ne

15. Context: You are puzzled about a situation. Comment how weird it is.

desu nee.1. imaichi2. kowai3. tsumaranai4. hen

Answer the questions in English.

  • There are two systems of naming years in Japan. Explain.
  • Change the following into the informal style. Write in Romanization.

Ame deshita.

Takaku arimasen.

Nan-ji desu ka?

Circle the letter of the items that can occur in the blank to make a complete sentence. None, some, or all choices may be correct. For each choice checked as appropriate, provide an English equivalent of the entire sentence.


 __________ ni shucchou-shimasu.

  • Ichi-nichi
  • Hokkaidou
  • Rainen

Tomodachi to____

  • senpai desu.
  • ryokou-shimasu
  • kyoukai ni ikimasu

Koko ni _____ kudasai.

  • okutte
  • nonde
  • kite

_____ no sukejuuru desu.

  • Shichi-gatsu made
  • Hen
  • Kotoshi

_____ nai desu.

  • Wakai
  • Shiryou wa
  • Hatachi ja


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