1. Print each reading passage and corresponding questions on different sides of a double-sided page.
  2. Introduce the activity to students as follows:
    1. The focus of this activity is to increase reading speed. Accuracy in answering questions is not the main consideration. Aim for the fastest time with approximately 70 percent accuracy.
    2. While reading, don’t mouth the words because this will make you read more slowly.
    3. Don’t write on the paper because the readings will be collected and reused.
    4. When answering questions, don’t turn back and look at the passage.
  3. Distribute the progress graph and the answer key for recording the reading time, the number of the reading passage, and for checking answers to comprehension questions.
  4. Explain: When you finish reading the passage, look up, note the time, and write an X beside the corresponding time on the progress graph. When you finish answering the questions, check your answers, then record your score on the graph.
  5. Write the times on the board and cross them off every 10 seconds so students can mark their time.


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