Don’t Wear Headphones While Driving: Questions

1.      The boy’s mother needs

a.       milk.

b.      candy.

c.       a newspaper.


2.      The boy’s mother tells the boy

a.       “Don’t wear headphones while driving.”

b.      “Don’t turn on the car radio.”

c.       “Don’t drive too fast.”


3.      The boy doesn’t hear the ambulance

a.       because people are shouting at him.

b.      because he is listening to the car radio.

c.       because he is wearing headphones.


4.      The boy sees the ambulance when

a.       he looks out the window.

b.      he hears it coming.

c.       other drivers shout at him.


5.      The other drivers are

a.       angry.

b.      happy.

c.       sad.


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