Matt Cooks Dinner: Reading

Matt is a high school student, but he doesn’t care very much about science, history, or English. Matt is interested in cooking. Today is Saturday, and Matt is going to cook rabbit. This morning, Matt rode his bicycle to the meat shop. He told the man at the meat shop to pick out a rabbit and cut it into five pieces. At home in his kitchen, Matt puts the pieces of meat in a large bowl and adds some salt and spices. He covers the bowl and lets it sit for about an hour. Then Matt heats some oil in a large pan on the stove and cooks the rabbit until the color of the meat is brown. Then Matt adds some lemon juice and some olives. He covers the meat in the pan and puts it in the oven for 10 minutes. While the rabbit is cooking, Matt makes some rice. When he takes the rabbit out of the oven, Matt puts it on top of the rice. It smells delicious. Matt calls his mother, father, and brother to the kitchen. He says that dinner is ready. Matt’s family eats the meal. Everyone agrees that Matt’s dinner is delicious.

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.


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