The Old Man Waits at the Post Office: Reading

The old man waits at the post office. The line is long, and there are many people waiting. The people are in a hurry. They look at their watches. They look at their phones. The old man is not in a hurry. He is thinking about what he is going to give his son. The old man’s son lives in New York City. The old man wants to see his son, so he is sending him a plane ticket in the mail. The ticket will bring the son back to the town in Oregon where the old man lives. The old man thinks about how happy he will be to see his son again. He thinks about the things that he and his son will do together. They will take long walks in the town and beside the river. They will ride the train across the new bicycle bridge. The man will make his son a delicious dinner. When the old man and his son are eating dinner, the old man will tell his son how nice it is to have him home and how much he misses him. The old man smiles thinking about all these things while he waits in line at the post office.


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