Don’t Wear Headphones While Driving: Reading

The boy is wearing headphones and listening to music. The boy’s mother calls his name. She wants him to go to the store to buy some milk. She gives the boy some money and the keys to the car.

“Take off your headphones,” she says. “Don’t wear them while driving.”
The boy takes off his headphones. He drives the car down the road. The boy turns on the radio, but he does not like the music, so he puts on headphones. He moves his head back and forth to the music coming from the headphones. He doesn’t hear the ambulance behind him. The ambulance is loud, but the boy doesn’t hear it. He keeps on driving. Many cars move to the side of the road so that the ambulance can pass by them. The boy sees the cars moving to the side of the road. He looks out the window and sees the ambulance. Finally, he moves his car to the side of the road.

The other people in the cars are angry. They shout at the boy, “Why do you wear headphones while driving? Because of you, the ambulance had to wait.”
The boy is sorry. He will never wear headphones while driving again.


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