A Boy, a Soccer Ball, and a Bird: Reading

The boy gets up at six in the morning. He puts on his soccer shoes and goes into the kitchen. The bird is already awake. The bird is watching the boy very closely. It wants the boy to open the door of the cage. It wants to fly around the room. The boy picks up his soccer ball and says to the bird, “I will see you in one hour.” Then the boy goes outside. The sun is coming up in the sky, but the street is empty. The boy drops the ball and kicks it toward the park. He runs after the ball and catches it with his foot. The boy practices many moves with the ball. At seven o’clock, people start to come outside. The boy picks up the ball and returns home. He enters the kitchen. “Hello,” he says to the bird. He opens the door of the cage. The bird flies out. The bird flies around the room for several minutes while the boy fixes breakfast. The boy sits down to eat his breakfast, and the bird sits on the boy’s head. When the boy finishes breakfast, he takes the bird on his finger and returns it to the cage. “See you later,” he says to the bird. “See you after school.”

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.


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