Two Old Women: Reading

In a mountain city, two old women sit together in a park. It is a pretty day, and the women are sitting on a bench. They are taking a rest from shopping. One woman wears a red sweater. The other woman wears a blue sweater. The woman in the red sweater shows a photograph to her friend. It is a photograph of her grandson. The woman in the blue sweater looks at the photograph and smiles. The little boy in the photograph is fat and cute. He is the first grandchild of the woman in the red sweater. This baby is very important to the woman in the red sweater. She has been waiting many years to have a grandchild.

A taxi comes. The driver honks his horn. The old woman in the red sweater says good-bye to her friend and gets into the taxi. The taxi will take her up the street to her home. The old woman in the blue sweater does not need a taxi. She can walk the short distance to her house. When she gets close to her house, her five grandchildren look out the window. They run outside. They call her name and jump up and down. The old woman laughs and hugs them in her arms.

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.

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