A Long Motorcycle Ride: Reading

It is not easy to drive a motorcycle from Miami to Los Angeles in the summer. In the summer, the sun is hot. It is not an easy time to travel by motorcycle, but that is what Peter and Kate Smith do. Peter and Kate are married with children, but their children are 20 and 21. They don’t live with Peter and Kate anymore, so Peter and Kate have free time. Every August, Peter and Kate get on their motorcycle and travel across the southern United States.

Why do they do this? It began in 1995, soon after they got married. They received a motorcycle as a wedding present. After a few months, they went for a motorcycle ride in their home state of Florida. They had a lot of fun, so they decided to plan a trip across the south of the United States. The next year in August, they were ready to go. They drove their motorcycle across Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California. They saw many things: red rocks, big trees, interesting animals. They also met many friendly people. The trip was a great experience for the Smiths, and they decided to do it every year. They take their trip in August because it is the month when Peter and Kate don’t have to work.

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.


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