Too Close to the Sun: Reading

Altair’s father is famous for making things like chairs and tables. Altair likes to help his father. His father says that Altair is good at making things, too.

Today, Altair is making something new. Altair is making wings. Altair loves birds, and he wants to fly. Of course, Altair’s wings must be larger than the wings of birds. Altair makes his wings three meters wide. He makes his wings from wood and wax. When Altair finishes making his wings, he ties them on his back.

That night, when his father is eating dinner outside, Altair walks up the mountain and stands at the edge. One, two, three! He jumps! He moves his wings. He is flying! “Look at me,” he calls, but his father does not look up. Altair flies closer to his father, and he also flies closer to the sun. The heat of the sun melts the wax on Altair’s wings. Suddenly, Altair’s wings fall from his arms, and Altair falls too.

“Help!” Altair cries. His father sees Altair falling. “Save my son!” he says. Just then a strong wind comes and blows the sand. Altair’s father covers his eyes. When he opens them, Altair is standing before him. “Thank God,” he says. “The wind saved my son!”

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.


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