The Blue Man: Reading

“Come!” Jenny says. “I want to show you something.” I follow her outside. We walk to the corner.
“Look at that man,” Jenny says, pointing to a man standing on the corner. The man is holding a blue umbrella. He is not moving. He is wearing a blue suit and blue shoes. Even his face and hair are painted blue.
“Is that a real man?” I ask.
“Yes,” Jenny says.
“Why is he painted blue?” I ask. “And why isn’t he moving?”
“Because he is acting,” Jenny says. “He is doing that so we’ll give him money. It’s a show.”
Jenny and I watch the man. We think that after a few minutes, the man will move. We watch for 15 minutes, but the man does not move at all.
“Doesn’t his arm get tired?” I ask.
“Maybe,” Jenny answers.
“Do you think he is going to stand there all day?” I ask.
“I think so,” Jenny answers.
“Let’s give him some money,” I say.
Jenny and I walk toward the man. I put one dollar into the blue hat by the man’s feet.
The man smiles.
I smile back.
“He moved,” I say to Jenny as we walk away.

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