Marching Band: Reading

This is Joyce’s first visit to New Orleans, a city in the southern part of the United States. Joyce stands on the sidewalk with the other people. There are visitors and locals. A marching band is coming. There is music in the street. Street music is common in New Orleans.

Joyce hears the horns and drums. She steps closer to get a better look. Coming down the street are men and women in red pants and white hats. They are marching, their legs moving up and down. They are playing brass horns and steel drums. They are playing joyful songs. The songs are getting louder. The music is getting closer. The sun is shining off the tops of buildings. Everyone is smiling.

Nearby, an old woman is selling food: beef and noodle soup. Joyce asks the woman how much for a bowl. The woman says, “Three dollars.” Joyce buys the soup and tastes it. It is warm and spicy. It is exactly what Joyce wants to eat.
Now the music is booming. The people on the sidewalk are cheering. They are clapping their hands and singing. Joyce is eating soup and listening. She is having a great time in the city of New Orleans.

Put an X beside your stopping time on the progress chart, then answer the questions on the back of this page.


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