Food Cart: Reading

Sami owns a food cart in Portland, Oregon. The food cart is near the university. Sami’s food cart sells kebobs. Kebobs are meat and vegetables on a stick. Many university students buy food from Sami’s food cart. They like Sami’s kebobs.

Sami is from Iran. He graduated from Portland State University five years ago. His major was business. When he was a student, Sami got tired of eating the food on campus. He wanted to eat food from his home country. He wanted to eat kebobs. After Sami graduated, he decided to open a food cart. Now his food cart is very popular. He sells three kinds of kebobs: beef, chicken, and lamb. All of the kebobs come with mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

Sami has a wife and two children. His children go to school from Monday to Friday. Most days, Sami’s wife helps Sami in the food cart. Sami’s wife makes the sauce to put on the meat of the kebobs. She likes helping Sami and meeting the people who come to the food cart. Sami and his family are happy living in Portland. Sami says that in a few years, he may return to Iran, but for now, he is happy with his business here.

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