Introduction to the University Library’s Open Access Guidebook

Jill Emery and Karen Bjork

The University Library’s open access guidebook provides you with information regarding open access scholarship and publishing opportunities facilitated by the University Library. The intention of the guidebook is to outline the details regarding open publishing opportunities offered and how the library supports your development of open scholarship. The University Library has negotiated deals with society and university press publishers in addition to hosting platforms for both your research and your teaching & learning content.¬† These¬† models are continually evolving and changing and our processes are adjusted regularly to accommodate this ongoing evolution. For this reason, please read this document as our best practices at this moment in time. For any questions related to open access support, please ask your subject liaison , Cristine Paschild, Associate Dean, University Archivist, and Head of Special Collections and Digital Initiatives, or the Collection Development & Management Librarian, Jill Emery at


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