10 Open Access Memberships for Infrastructure Support

Jill Emery

The University Library participates in a couple of open access membership subscriptions which support the open access scholarly infrastructure. The total cost for these OA memberships is $815. The memberships support community driven OA initiatives such as the Directory of Open access Journals and discipline based OA opportunities. These memberships are all outlined below:


Directory of Open Access Journals logo
DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals logo

Through the Orbis Cascade Alliance, the University Library supports the Directory of Open Access Journals providing a portal to reviewed open access journals that meet principles of transparency and best practices in scholarly publishing. Our cost for supporting this initiative is $220/annually. In addition, DOAJ has pre-established criteria for inclusion in the directory for any journal wishing to join. This initiative helps to delineate and provide discoverability for codified scholarship from around the world. When determining which open access journal to publish in, searching DOAJ may lead you to open access journal options you may not have otherwise considered.


PhilPapers logo
PhilPapers logo

PhilPapers is an extensive and crowd-sourced index and  bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers. It also includes a significant open access archive of philosophical works. In addition, the website includes an online community of philosophers that provides a social network for the discipline. The University Library supports the archive, index, and bibliography through an annual membership subscription of $564/annually.



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