Appendix A: Glossary of Terminology

Jill Emery

Article Processing Charges/Book Processing Charges: Costs associated with making articles and books openly available.

Diamond/Platinum Open Access: Journals and books where the cost for publishing open access is paid either via a membership, underwritten by an organization, or published readily by an institution and there are no costs to authors to publish and no costs to readers to access the content available.

Embargos: The time frames imposed by legacy scholarly publishers before content can become fully open access. This situation applies mostly to OA content made available through funding provided by the U.S. Federal government agencies.

Green Open Access: Author owned version of research articles or book manuscripts that may or may not be deposited into institutional repositories and which do not carry the formatting or copy editing from a commercial scholarly publisher.

Gold Open Access: Articles and books/book chapters where article/book processing charges have been paid to make the work freely available to read. These can appear in full open access publications like PLOS or in hybrid publications that are primarily supported by subscriptions.

Hybrid Journals: Journals that are sold as subscriptions to libraries and individuals but also charge article processing fees to make a single article openly available.

Institutional Repository: A platform provided by academic institutions to provide access to local scholarship produced by faculty and students.

Memberships: Annual subscriptions that provide financial support for OA content infrastructure, OA content  availability and/or publishing with no additional charges to the local author.

OER (Open Educational Resources): Teaching, learning, and research materials which are readily available at no cost for use in educational engagement.

Open Access: When academic research/teaching materials are made readily available with no financial, technical or legal barriers to access.

Pre-print Services: Platforms/websites that provide access to versions of scholarly works that do not display full formatting and typesetting from the journal in which they may be published.

Read and Publish Deals: Journal subscription package agreements where the majority of content is made readily available to subscribers with an annual or multi-year subscription cost, lowered inflation rates or zero inflation rates, and the ability for local faculty at the subscribing institution can publish without payment of APCs or at a lower cost of APC. In addition, the library forfeits perpetual access rights to all titles in the package.

Subscribe to Open Deals: Journal or journal subscription agreements where additional costs are paid in addition to annual subscriptions to allow for the publisher/society to make access to the content openly available and to provide all authors the ability to publish without paying APCs regardless of whether their local institution participates in the cost sharing.

Transformative Agreements: Contracts negotiated between academic institutions and publishers/scholarly content providers to transform from traditional read only subscriptions to open access publishing models that provide OA publishing opportunities to the institution holding the agreement.




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