5 Article Processing Charges/Book Processing Charges (APCs/BPCs)

Jill Emery

The University Library budgets $15,000 annually to pay for article processing charges (APCs) and book chapter charges/book processing charges (BCC/BPC) in fully open access journals and books. Funds are awarded to eligible authors/creators on a first-come first-served basis, and funds last until expended in a given fiscal year. Learn more about APCs/BPCs. We only approve submissions that are for $3,000 or less per article/book/book chapter. The funds for fiscal year 2021 have all been expended.

Eligibility Requirements


  • PSU faculty who are the sole or lead author or corresponding author of the work are eligible to receive funds.
  • Works written by postdoctoral and graduate student lead authors will be accepted if co-authored by a PSU faculty member.
  • Research must be unfunded, or funded under the amount of $15,000. For example, grants that allow payment of APCs for funded research are ineligible.
  • If you are an adjunct faculty member, please apply for support from the Faculty Education Fund provided through the PSUFA Collective Bargaining Agreement.


  • Upon award, documentation of article/chapter submission must occur within 4 weeks in order to retain funding.
  • Authors must include the following statement of acknowledgment: “This article’s(chapter’s) publication was funded by the Portland State University Open Access Article Processing Charge Fund, administered by the Portland State University Library.”
  • Authors agree to deposit a final published version of the article into the institutional repository, PDXScholar, for long-term preservation and collocation with other author, department, college, and university scholarship.


  • Funded articles/chapters must be published in fully open access journals or books, with articles publicly available at the time of publication.
  • Journals and Books must have their fee schedule publicly available online.
  • Journals and Books must meet the following criteria:
  • Hybrid journals and books are ineligible (journals/books that charge subscriptions or payment and also enable specific articles/chapters to be made Open Access via author payment). Compliance will be confirmed as part of the application review.

The availability of open access scholarship from faculty and students is through our platform, PDXScholar. For questions regarding content available in PDXScholar, contact the digital initiatives team at pdxscholar@pdx.edu.


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