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Karen Bjork

PDXScholar access for all

PDXScholar is an open access repository and publishing platform for the scholarship and creative output of Portland State University. The goals of the repository are to:

  • Serve as a persistent and centralized access point for Portland State University scholarship and creative works.
  • Promote faculty and student research to a global community.
  • Preserve the history, growth and development of Portland State University.
  • Provide a platform for faculty to publish Open Access copies of publications and research data.

PDXScholar services include:

Organize research and other works from your department, school or center

Manage the output of your department, school or center in a simple interface. High google rankings make work archived in PDXScholar more findable. Preservation of work is a high priority and researchers can be assured their content will be available for the long term. Download reports and statistics for publications in PDXScholar let you know how often and from where researchers are finding your work.

Submit your research to PDXScholar

Journal Hosting

Portland State University Library provides significant support to five open access peer-review journals through our no-fee publishing program. We provide web hosting for journals and value-added publishing services.

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PDXScholar allows you to manage your event from start to finish. The review process, acceptance of speakers, advertising of the event, and finally the archiving of materials from the event can all be managed using PDXScholar.

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Create faculty webpages highlighting research, publications, presentations, course work etc. in an easy to use PSU branded interface. SelectedWorks also integrates your work in PDXScholar, creating even more exposure to your work.

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Data Preservation

PDXScholar is a platform where research data can be published. Data published in PDXScholar must be in its final state.

Reasons to share your data:

  • NIH, NSF, and many funding agencies require data preservation.
  • Some journals and societies require data publishing and preservation.
  • Increase the impact of your research.


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