3 PSU Library Budget Overview

Jill Emery

The fiscal year 2023-2024 general collections budget for the University Library is $4,036,205 from our education and general funds. This money is divided up between electronic resources which can be databases, data sets, journal packages, journal subscriptions, one time purchased ebooks & streaming media and the purchase of physical materials which are generally DVDs, newspapers, print magazines & journals, and print books .

Here is the general breakdown between the two:

Online/Electronic Resource Budget: $3,932,649

Physical Materials Budget: $103,556

In the past, we have received funding from the Office of Academic Affairs to cover inflationary costs on packages and ongoing subscriptions. In FY2021, we asked providers to either keep us at a flat inflationary rate (same cost in 2021 as the costs were in 2020) or at a rate of no more than 2% last year’s cost in order to avoid significant cancellation of content. We were successful in negotiating these percentages with most providers for that fiscal year. However in FY2022, we received a $70,000 cut to collections budget to cover inflationary costs and we are seeing an increase from 2% inflation up to at least 3% inflation on most of our resources. For FY2023, we’re cut again for inflation which had costs rising at at least 3% to 5%. For FY2024, we will have to cut another $80,000 of our budget to cover inflation costs. We may find that we need to cut further into collections that renew closer to the end of our fiscal year. In addition, we have not recovered the funding from the online student fee to support streaming media or other online resource provision and are working on ways to maintain our current streaming media content.

Our goal is to fund collections at the macro level as opposed to the micro level in order to leverage our funding as best possible.



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