6 Ebooks Overview

The University Library purchases ebooks in numerous ways and are committed to buying ebooks that have no digital rights management (DRM) or very limited DRM used. Digital rights management means limitations on the number of users able to access a book simultaneously, limits on the number of pages that can be printed, and limits on the number of downloads allowed in a given year.  For this reason, we limit buying ebook titles that are limited to a single user or three users at a time unless absolutely needed for teaching and learning.

We support the front list (current year titles) purchases of unlimited access ebook titles through our consortium, the Orbis Cascade Alliance, from the following publishers:

  • Oxford University Press
  • John Wiley Online Library

In addition, through our consortium, we also have access to a subscription base of unlimited access academic ebooks from ProQuest Ebook Central. With the ProQuest Ebook Central titles, we can lose ebook access annually.

Locally, we buy ebook collections annually from the following providers:

  • Springer/Nature (psychology & behavioral science titles)

Many commercial publishers refuse to sell ebooks, especially e-textbooks, to institutions and only make these titles available to individuals. We will attempt to buy any ebook requested by faculty, students, and staff.

You can search for our currently available ebooks. To learn more about how downloading and printing ebooks works with different platforms use this guide.

To order ebooks, contact your subject liaison or submit the suggest a purchase form.

If you want to request an ebook for course reserves, please use the course reserves form.



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