5 EJournals & EJournal Packages Overview

The University Library has subscription agreements with the majority of scholarly society and commercial publishers in North America & Europe. In some cases, the journals are bought as a collection from a single scholarly publisher such as the American Chemical Society, Cambridge University Press journals, IEEE Xplorer, and the University of Oxford  journals. In other cases, we buy journal titles individually from providers such as Brill Journals and DeGruyter Publications.

Our collective negotiations with Oregon State University and the University of Oregon for Elsevier ScienceDirect content collapsed in 2022 and all three campuses lost the majority of our direct access to their journals starting in January 2023. We are continuing to work together to find a solution to supply their content to our three campuses. Further information will be forthcoming as we head into January 2024.

New journals emerge annually, journal titles change, and journals move from one scholarly publisher to another. For tips on searching for articles and journals, use this guide. If you are unable to locate a journal title in the Primo, the library catalog, please contact your subject liaison or fill out a suggest a purchase form.

Institutional journal subscriptions are supplied on a calendar year from January-December by scholarly societies and commercial publishers. For this reason, the University Library tries to order all new titles in either the summer or fall months. As with databases, we currently cannot add a new journal title without removing one of equal cost in the same discipline. Open access journals can be added to our catalog at any time.

If we lose access to content due to cancellations to balance the Library collections budget, you can obtain access through InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and Article Delivery or through finding an OA copy by downloading the Unpaywall extension. Lastly, you can also gain access to articles by contacting the author directly and asking for a copy.


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