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  • Chapter 1 Personality Traits
  • Chapter 2 Personality Stability
  • Chapter 3 Personality Assessment
  • Chapter 7 The Nature-Nurture Question
  • Chapter 8 Self-Regulation and Conscientiousness
  • Chapter 9 Personality Disorders
  • Chapter 11: Happiness: The Science of Subjective Well-Being // CC BY 4.0 ShareAlike

  • Chapter 4: Sigmund Freud, Karen Horney, Nancy Chodorow: Alternative Views of Psychodynamic Theory
  • Chapter 5: Carl Jung
  • Chapter 6: Humanistic and Existential Theory: Frankl, Rogers, and Maslow
  • Chapter 10: Yoga, Buddhism, Personality and Non-Personality

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Chapters and sections were borrowed and adapted from the above existing OER textbooks on personality. Without these foundational texts, a lot more work would have been required to complete this project. Thank you to those who shared before us.

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