Using Zoom for Remote Learning

Zoom is a video conferencing software for holding virtual meetings. Everyone at PSU has access to a Zoom account. Zoom meetings use your computer’s microphone and/or camera to let you connect with others remotely. This term, you’ll likely have one or more instructors ask you to use Zoom for virtual class meetings. Some of your instructors may request that you enable your video to allow a more human-feel to virtual meetings. Let your instructor know ff you have objections to sharing a video feed or being recorded.

Get Zoom-Ready

  1. Log in to with your Odin information, and update your profile information. You can add a profile picture that will to display in meetings when you have video turned off.
    • This page has your account settings, meetings and recordings you have created and technical assistance from Zoom. If you receive a log in error, contact the OIT Help Desk.
  2. Try Zoom by joining a test meeting. A test meeting is similar to a real meeting: confirm your equipment works and get familiar with the program.
  3. Watch one of Zoom’s “Getting Started” webinars. Live Trainings are available several times a week, or, watch a recording.

A Few Practical Notes about Zoom

  • Your instructors might invite you to join a Zoom meeting via your D2L course page. You can find Zoom meetings in a D2L course by clicking the People menu from the course navigation bar, and then choosing Zoom Meetings from the dropdown menu.
  • Your instructors will likely have expectations about how you participate in the Zoom. Ask if you are unsure of something.
  • Although you may be meeting with your classmates from home, keep things professional and appropriate. If you wouldn’t do it in class, don’t do it in your Zoom meeting.
  • Zoom is a PSU technology, and your use is governed by the Student Code of Conduct and the Acceptable Use Policy.

A Few Technical Notes about Zoom

  • Zoom works best with the Zoom App, available for Windows, Mac OS, and mobile. You’ll be prompted to download the app when you join a meeting if you don’t already have it installed. If you can, download and install the app. You’ll have a much better Zoom experience!
  • If you cannot use the Zoom app, you must use Google Chrome for browser-based meetings. Zoom audio does not work with any other browsers. If you need to install Google Chrome, here are instructions to download and install Google Chrome.
  • If you have any technical questions, contact the OIT helpdesk.


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