This book would not have been possible without the support of the Arabic Section and World Languages and Literatures department at PSU. The Arabic Section fully encouraged me throughout the process of writing this book. Professor Yasmeen Hanoosh and Professor Jennifer Perlmutter provided full support especially when the book was just a new idea to be introduced to the Open Textbook project.

My dear colleague Cliff Breedlove’s insight, suggestions, discussions, editing and support made this book possible. He has been my fresh second pair of eyes; I am grateful to you. I thank Professor Dirgham Sbait for encouraging me to teach Colloquial Arabic and sharing his extensive experience with me.

The library team has been an asset to make this project a reality. Mrs. Karen Bjork’s knowledge in copyright, time management, and unlimited resources are priceless. She has been wonderful to work with, easing any hurdles in the way. Mrs. Stephanie Doig’s help and insight took the financial burden off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on writing. Thank you.

My dear students, John Flachetta and Mariah Denman, the delightful future of PSU Arabic studies, have been committed to learning Arabic and recording with me the dialogues for this book. Their clear and strong speaking skills are models for PSU Arabic students to follow.

I will not forget to thank all my students, whose questions, comments, and suggestions have shaped my teaching and perception of my own language, just like water is always shaping the rocks.

Thank you, Mum and Dad for your prayers, love, and belief in the importance of education and language learning.

Last but not least, I thank God: You are my light.

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