This book could not have been written without support and contributions from my colleagues, my students, and my family. Special thanks to Maurice Hammington for supporting this project when it was in its earliest stage. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Annie Knepler, Dr. Leslie Batchelder, and Dr. Karen Gibson for the valuable feedback they provided on the structure and content of the initial drafts of the book. A big thanks to Wally Benson for his patient copy-editing. Any remaining mistakes in the book are my own.

A special thanks to Professor Robyn Crummer-Olson and the students in her book marketing class for designing the cover of this textbook.

Karen Bjork played a critical role throughout this project. She walked me through the process, provided ongoing support, answered my countless questions, and kept me motivated. Without her encouragement and assistance, this book would have remained a half-finished manuscript stuck in some drawer.

I would also like to thank the Portland State University Library for providing the infrastructure and resources for the open textbook program.

The students in my Freshman Inquiry courses were the inspiration for this project. Thank you all for always giving me your honest feedback. You made this book so much better by pointing out the parts that were confusing and by taking off and running with the concepts that were outlined more clearly. I am excited about the future of our cities knowing they are in your capable hands.

Finally, thanks to my family for your love and support.


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