 Submit the link to your Digital Teaching Portfolio on D2L at least one week before your interview.
 Complete the Interactive Rubric (also available on D2L) and submit to D2L at least one week before your interview.
 Schedule and complete an Exit Interview with the Teaching Associate at OAI.
 Use the D2L checklist to mark this as complete.


The final steps of the CICT program include reviewing your Digital Teaching Portfolio and reflecting on your experience in the CICT as a whole. Make sure to submit your Digital Teaching Portfolio and Interactive Rubric to D2L at least one week prior to your scheduled Exit Interview.

Interactive Rubric Guidelines:

Rather than simply providing you with a list of criteria by which to judge the quality of your Digital Teaching Portfolio, this rubric asks you to help determine the quality using a series of questions and considerations. Start by answering the questions provided, and then move on to categorize your portfolio according to where it fits within the included rubric. You will discuss your work and any potential changes during your Exit Interview with the Teaching Associate at OAI (please bring a completed copy of this rubric with you to the Exit Interview).

Exit Interview Guidelines:

Contact the Teaching Associate at OAI (Jaime Wood, jaime8@pdx.edu) to schedule the Exit Interview. During this meeting, you will receive feedback on your Digital Teaching Portfolio, discuss your Interactive Rubric, and provide feedback on your experience participating in the CICT program. The Exit Interview should take no more than one hour.


What happens if my Digital Teaching Portfolio “doesn’t pass”?
At OAI, we’re here to help you using an iterative process. This means we will work continuously with you to construct and review multiple drafts if necessary, until your Digital Teaching Portfolio accurately reflects your experience and goals.

Is there a “graduation” or certificate presentation event?
There will be an awards presentation during the Spring Mini-Conference hosted by OAI that generally takes place in May where CICT candidates who have successfully completed their requirements will be awarded a certificate.